FGVcemd – Digital Marketing Studies Center

FGVcemd's mission is to become a leader in the development and dissemination of digital marketing knowledge, promoting research activities, publications, training managers, and knowledge dissemination and promotion events.

The center aims to become a reference in the generation and dissemination of knowledge on digital marketing, stimulating the strategic discussion of business activities in the digital environment and the adoption of tools that promote the evolution of consumer experience to a level of excellence.

The central themes of its activities are: a) production of theories on the use of digital marketing in organizations; b) digital interaction platforms involving different stakeholders on the topic of digital marketing; c) development of sociometric indexes adapted to organizational performance in the digital environment; d) discourse analysis in the digital environment; e) branding in the online to offline (O2O) environment; f) customer experience in the O2O environment; g) service automation in the digital environment; h) communication and conversion actions in the digital environment; i) use of big data and marketing analysis; j) use of intelligence to identify consumption trends; l) creation of metrics to measure the results of digital campaigns; m) application of programmatic media techniques to corporate communication.

FGVcemd aims to contribute both to the definition of the digital marketing strategy in organizations, as well as to disseminate knowledge about the use of digital tools so that the results of the adopted strategies can be followed by public and private organizations, universities, research centers, and citizens.