Developing Effective Measures to Implement Gender Diversity in the Workplace


  • MPGI

Área de conhecimento: 

  • Estudos Organizacionais


  • Francesco La Masa




This paper is designed to explore existing initiatives to develop a diverse workplace and propose additional measures to achieve and exploit the power of an empowered diversity, without unsettling the corporate culture. In particular, the benefits of diversity, and gender diversity are explored. The paper, thanks to the use of the literature review on the topic will first show the ethical and performance driven reasons of why diversity is desirable. Successively, in this study we focus on gender diversity and analyse existing best practices to finally develop a set of proposals for companies to support their efforts to achieve gender equality and unlock the potential of women. The final outcome are five measures for flattening gender disparity and break the glass ceiling since the recruitment phase, to implement in order to achieve a more balanced workforce, avoiding to reversely discriminate the dominant groups and fostering an institutional change towards gender equality.

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