Analysis on Challenges and Strategies for Logistics tech Startups at Sino-Brazilian Cross-border E-commerce Market


  • MPGI

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  • Estratégias de Marketing


  • Huang Wang




As the consequence of the rapid development of technology and popularity of Internet, cross-border e-commerce is a modern phenomenon that has been increasingly active since the 21st century, which is a new form of retail trade in a global scale. Under such context, China, as the global e-commerce market leader, is exporting a large quantity of consumer goods abroad with its attractive pricing and great variety, including Brazil. However, even though the Sino-Brazilian e-commerce market is growing at an unprecedented speed with an anticipated enormous growth potential, many challenges are still blocking the way to develop the market. To understand what challenges are in the market and how the new players should prepare for them, the study not only presents a big picture of Brazil, its e-commerce market environment and the market competition, but also analyzes a real case of a Brazilian logistics tech startup under the specific context of Sino-Brazilian e-commerce market. As a business market analysis, the study will discuss and provide insights on various aspects at the cross-border market, including taxation scenarios, the legal process, local market competition, Brazilian consumer behaviors so on, involving diverse perspective from different stakeholders. The study not only generates implications for the logistics tech startups on business strategies, in terms of product selection, relation with the competitors and the government, but also on Brazilian governmental reforms on importation taxation, to help create a favorable business environment and boost the market to realize a real leap.

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