Análise das Variáveis do Ambiente Interno para o Gerenciamento de Leitos em Organizações Hospitalares Privadas


  • CDAE

Área de conhecimento: 

  • Gestão da Saúde


  • Claudia Raffa




This study aims to identify variables related to the internal environment (practice of resource management, structural characteristics of service rendering and processes) relevant to bed management in hospital organizations. One of the critical processes that hospitals have experienced is bed management. Therefore, it’s necessary to clearly identify the processes that interact with the occupation of the beds, and then to propose improvements. The research contemplates an exploratory and descriptive study, elaborated from the collection of data in sources of evidences that included interviews with managers and documentary analysis. This work used the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) based on the bibliographical research and theoretical discussion based on five cases of private hospitals, a mapping of a theoretical model that was used to guide the analysis of the data with the use of the content analysis method with NVivo 11 Pro software support. Thus, it was found that bed management involves strategic processes. For these management, knowledge is needed that go beyond administrative routines, justifying the need for staff training, as well as investment in infrastructure and personnel. In this study, it was confirmed that the most productive hospital was the one with the shortest average length of stay, the highest turnover rate and the lowest replacement interval index. It is concluded that in health the request of beds should be considered a strategic process, and should be redesigned, if necessary to guarantee support for the reach of organizational strategies. It’s considered that the management intends to seek the use of the available beds in their maximum capacity, with safety within the established criterion, with the objective of optimizing the waiting time for hospitalization and satisfaction of the internal and external clients of the hospital environment.

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