FGVin - Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is an association between FGV EAESP and successful organizations in Brazil that are looking to understand and practice their capacity to innovate.
It was set up in May 2000, born out of an idea to develop an alliance between companies and the university in such a way that both learn and study the question of innovation in an environment of collaboration.
Mission: to encourage and make feasible the generation, systematization, spread and application of knowledge about innovative organizations.
Vision: to be a Brazilian benchmark for knowledge about innovative organizations.
Values: Permanence (continuity and constancy of purpose); Relevance (guaranteed by its association with the managing organizations); Contribution to society (the main purpose of FGV).
The current managing organizations are: FGV EAESP, Bank of Brazil, Brasilata, Embrapa, SEBRAE and Suzano.