FGVethics - Research Center on Ethics, Transparency, Integrity and Compliance

Our Vision is an Ethical World

The Research Center on Ethics, Transparency, Integrity and Compliance (FGV-Ethics) is a multidisciplinary forum. FGV-Ethics’ mission is to be a catalyst leader of ethical practices for individuals and institutions both public and private. The goal of the Center is to study, to learn, to reflect, to innovate, to produce and to disseminate applied knowledge about these topics which help nowadays to add value to companies and civil society as a whole. FGV-Ethics is composed by lawyers, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, economists, psychologists, medical doctors and other fields of knowledge. All members of the center are committed to the value of ethics, integrity, transparency, fight against corruption, protection of the environment at work and diversity and sustainability.

FGV-Ethics works on the development of strategies, policies and tools for business management and public management, both in the local and international arena, focusing on:

- training

- research and production of applied knowledge

- support and development of legislative and / or self-regulatory measures

- mobilization of the civil society

FGV-Ethics’ team is made up of professors, researchers and students from FGV-EAESP and foreign and domestic educational institutions. FGV-Ethics also counts with external consultants, Brazilians and foreigners, and partner institutions, to develop topics related to compliance, ethics, transparency and integrity in individuals and companies, whether public or private.