NEOP – Organizations and People Study Center

NEOP brings together professors, researchers and managers to foster the generation and dissemination of applied knowledge in organizational studies, organizational behavior, people management and labor relations. It also:
• Brings together organizations and GV to generate initiatives and projects that are of common interest;
• Encourages the participation of executives in academic life;
• Provides visibility for the studies that are produced in this field.

Projects and research
• Continuity of the Legacy Project: it trains professionals for the people management area, in a partnership with the Personnel Management Strategic Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce.

• Research projects:
– The future of work: impacts and challenges for organizations in Brazil, which is developed in a partnership with PwC
– Work force aging, developed in partnership with PwC
– Research into and the Subject of Human Rights in Large Enterprises, in a partnership with the Law School
– Applied Research into Female Entrepreneurs for Avon, in a partnership with GVcenn
– Research entitled “Employer Branding: the attributes of employer attractiveness”  with 937 executives, in a partnership with Talenses

Panels and workshops
• “Diversity and Gender” panel, developed in a partnership with Avon
• Workshop (paid) “Expertise in learning: impacts in corporate education” – Fernando Jucá (org. Germano G. Reis)
• Preventing and Fighting Moral Harassment Day for 65 units of the Municipal Health Department (free event), conducted by Maria Ester de Freitas.